Sex Imbalance and High Saving Rate in China

Shangjin Wei and Xiaobo Zhang在一篇文章中声称,中国家庭储蓄率的上升(1990-2007)有一半原因是因为中国男多女少。随着婚姻市场竞争变得更激烈,父母不得不增加储蓄给儿子结婚用。

While the high savings rate in China has global impact, existing explanations are incomplete. This paper proposes a competitive saving motive as a new explanation: as the country experiences a rising sex ratio imbalance, the increased competition in the marriage market has induced the Chinese, especially parents with a son, to postpone consumption in favor of wealth accumulation. The pressure on savings spills over to other households through higher costs of house purchases. Both cross-regional and household-level evidence supports this hypothesis. This factor can potentially account for about half of the actual increase in the household savings rate during 1990-2007.


One response to “Sex Imbalance and High Saving Rate in China

  1. 这个文章我在wall street journal中文版上看过, 单身猥琐男还是来纽约吧,女生太多,男生太少。

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