Krugman picked on Mankiw

Paul Krugman对曼昆关于收入和智商的博文发火了(链接)。Krugman的狂热追随者也跟在后面对曼昆一通乱咬。虽然我也不同意曼昆的说法(我博文链接),但看Krugman不少追随者苦大仇深的样子实在反感。不过有幸还看到一些比较客观的评论。一个叫Locus的访问者的评论和我的观点一致,认为父母对子女教育的重视程度对子女的成绩更重要(见下面的引用)。另外,Heckman最近的一篇文章也发现家庭因素对子女的成功很重要(链接)。
By Locus:

I don’t agree with Mankiw’s heredity argument. But I also don’t agree with Krugman’s claim that our society is grossly biased either. Consider this recent announcement from the public school system in Boston…

“Boston Public Schools honors Class of 2009 Valedictorians”

“The 37 students come from neighborhoods across the City of Boston. Sixteen of the students were born overseas, including immigrants from Albania, China, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Nigeria, Somalia, Venezuela, and Vietnam.”

Perhaps Dr. Krugman can explain to us the unfair advantage of the student who was born in Somalia?

What I think happens is that high income families and families of recent immigrants both emphasize education and that is what explains the disparities in academic achievement. You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to turn off the TV and have a read-along with your children or play a game that requires some math skills.


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