Seeds of a trade war

The Sept. 11 announcement of a 35% U.S. tariff on imports of Chinese-made tires began a
flurry of tariffs and probes affecting products including:

Steel: The U.S. is investigating allegations of dumping of several products, and Thursday
announced preliminary duties on steel pipes.

Chicken: China is investigating alleged U.S. dumping and subsidies.

Paper: A U.S. body Friday approved a probe into dumping of coated paper from China.

Raw materials: The U.S. and EU filed a WTO complaint.

Autos: China plans probes of imports of U.S. auto parts and cars.

Chemicals: Beijing imposed tariffs on imports of two chemicals from the U.S. and other


One response to “Seeds of a trade war

  1. 中国还是比较低调的。就最后的化工产品上真动手了,其他的都只是调查。这两个化工产品的每年进口价值是多少,增加的关税会多大程度上影响它们的进口量?美国对轮胎的特保可是决定性的,35%,而轮胎的利润总共才 20%以上,这么一个特保下来,中国的轮胎进口一下子就归零了,而之前中国轮胎在美国的市场份额是 17%,金额 17 亿美元。

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