Taling about Yong’s Blog Entry

Yong’s blog article (link) talked about a hot topic recently. A very famous physicist Dr. Hawking discussed the possibility of building a time machine to help people travel across time. It sounds very interesting. No wondering so many movies about travelling across time were made. My favorite one is Terminator. I still think it is really cool for John Connor to be older than his dad (or at least about the same age) since his dad came back from future.
At a first glance, the research illustrated by Dr. Hawking sounds interesting and might have substantial impact on human beings. But it is more likely that it will not affect the welfare of most of us, our children, our grand children, and grand-grand children and so on. As a result, I am not that excited about that kind of research at all. It looks to me that the most likely scenario is to slow down your clock when your speed is high enough. Then you can go to the "future". I am not sure if I should call that the future or not either because the future by definition is a point of some periods later on YOUR time domain. Going to the future of someone else by slowing down your clock doe not count. I really doubt that going to someone else’s future can bring in any benefits except for satisfying your curiosity. 
I watched Dr. Hawking’s interview with Larry King on CNN last weekend. He raised another contraversial topic. Dr. Hawking said that it is very likely for lifes to exist on other planets and it could be disasterous for human beings to contact them. These lifes are likely to be more advanced than human. It is also very likely that they have exausted their resources and will invade the earth for our resources. I was just wondering at that moment, "what? Did Dr. Hawking just wathced the movie ‘Indepence Day’ and got really excited about it?" By the way, Independence Day is my another favorite movie. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it.
When Larry King asked, "Should we stop the research of looking for these lifes (outside the earth)?" "No, it is too late." said Dr. Hawking. This guy is too smart to be tricked: surely he does not want to destroy jobs of other physicists.

2 responses to “Taling about Yong’s Blog Entry

  1. Zuyeye: Just for fun, imagine different economic agents have different time speeds (in fact they can also choose the optimal time speed for themselves), how to define and think about a dynamic general equilibrium macro model in that world? It seems at least far more challenging than thinking about a dynamic world populated by agents with heterogeneous but exogoenous time discount rates in the literature: cross-section resource allocation might be easily confused with intertemporal allocation now; for political economy guys, it would be thrilling to have the possibility of your unborn kids vote with you now on public policies…… what is an aggregate stock and what is an aggregate flow… boy, I would say all of us will be affected fundamentally when you can see today how rich our 100th generation offsprings will be:)

  2. Haha, it is quite interesting. These ideas just reflect your talent of being an excellent researcher 🙂 I was just thrilled by the idea that our choice of girls could have been subtantially expanded in this case, which may greatly improve the effeciency of matching. After giving it a second thought, I am quite disappointed. The information set is not expanded as much as I have thought: we have only one observation each time and we can only move forward not backward. Unless the distribution of girls is stationary over time, we are also taking a lot of risks when skipping into the future.

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