My RA is going to Harvard!

I am quite happy for her though a little disappointed by her decision of going to the Business School. We have been doing pretty well in the last couple of years to help our “kids” get into excellent programs, such as Chicago, Penn, Virginia, UCSD, etc. I am so pround of them all!

Happy Holidays and wish you a fruitful New Year of 2011!


5 responses to “My RA is going to Harvard!

  1. Harvard is sending out offers now?

  2. Does she go for her Ph.D or master? Why are you disappointed that she go to business school? You certainly did a great job in mentoring her, congratulations to both of you!!

  3. Wow, that’s great! Congratulations for you and her!

  4. cong!

  5. Just a couple of clarification. She is not going to the Econ PhD program in Harvard. I don’t think that the Econ department makes decisions for its PhD program so early. My RA is going to attend a 4-year program in the Business School. It is a joint program with the Law School. The program is very competitive with multiple rounds of phone and on-site interviews. I am really happy that she finally gets in.

    I am a little disappointed that she is not going to a PhD program in Econ or Finance. She has many great potentials of succeeding in such a program. However, it’s her life and her decision. I believe that she is making a smart decision and will surely doing well in the future. Best wishes for her.

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