Hope my job were that easy…

I taught a class of international economics this semester. One student begged me to change his grade from B to A because he needed an A to transfer to a university in California. After making me feel really bad for destroying his whole life and dream if I do not change his grade, he simply put it: “It (changing his grade) is as simple as changing a letter on your keyboard.” 

Ha, I really wish that my job were just as easy as punching some letters on my keyboard at the end of the semester. So I don’t have to spend that much time and efforts preparing for the lectures and meeting with students. That sounds a pretty good deal if I continue to get paid 🙂


4 responses to “Hope my job were that easy…

  1. I hate kids arguing for their grades. It makes me feel sorry afterwards without changing the score.

  2. It reminds me that a big guy once cried out bitterly in my office after the final exam. Never seeing a big guy crying (especially in that way), I was pushed to change the grade, haha…

  3. @Yuting, my skin becomes thicker and thiker and I feel much less sorry than I used to 🙂

    @Lian, haha. I heard a similiar story from my colleague. A guy was late for the final and started to cry in front of the whole class saying his dad would kill him if he failed the class.

  4. I once changed the grade for a student from A- to A after he requested so, but I did not hesitate at all since his grade was exactly on the cutoff value and I knew he was a good student.

    But I would definitely refuse to change the grade if a student told me that “it is as simple as changing a letter on your keyboard”. The grade is earned by the student, not given by the teacher. Shame on that student!

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